Seamless Relocation to Finland with NextLink: A Case Study

Relocating to a foreign country can be both exciting and challenging. For Mahesh, an IT professional from India, moving to Finland was a significant step in his career and change in his life. To ensure a smooth transition, NextLink helped its client to relocate Mahesh to Finland. In this case study, we will explore how NextLink’s services helped Mahesh navigate his relocation to Finland with ease and efficiency.


Mahesh, a robust IT specialist, received a job offer from NextLink’s client, a leading tech company in Finland. The opportunity was too enticing to pass up, but the prospect of relocating to a new country was daunting. Mahesh had heard about the complexities involved in international relocations and was concerned about the process of moving to Finland, a country known for its high quality of life and open-minded culture.

Challenges in relocation to Finland

  1. Visa and Immigration Requirements: Mahesh needed to obtain a Residence Permit and D visa to legally arrive, work and live in Finland. Navigating the Finnish immigration process would be a significant hurdle for him and NextLink’s client alone.
  2. Finding Suitable Housing: Securing suitable accommodation in a foreign country can be challenging, especially when language barriers and unfamiliar local real estate practices are involved.
  3. Cultural Adjustment: Adapting to a new culture and way of life can be emotionally taxing. Mahesh was concerned about fitting in and building a social network in Finland.


At NextLink we understand the unique challenges of relocating to Finland. We have a great standardized process, but also we always adjust to meet individual’s specific needs.

This is what Mahesh thought about our relocation services:

“Moving is never simple, but I must admit that with the aid of NextLink moving services, the process went much more smoothly. NextLink crew handled every part of the transfer with outstanding quickness and knowledge from beginning to end, creating a process that was absolutely seamless”.

  1. Residence Permit and Immigration Support

NextLink provided comprehensive guidance throughout the Residence Permit and immigration process. We helped Mahesh prepare the necessary documents, filled out applications accurately, and ensured that all requirements were met. With NextLink’s assistance, Mahesh’s Residence Permit and D Visa application was approved swiftly, eliminating any concerns about delays or rejections.

  1. Housing Search Assistance

Finding suitable housing in a foreign country is often a major source of stress for expats. NextLink’s local expertise in Finland were well-versed in the local real estate market. We conducted a thorough search based on Mahesh’s preferences and budget. Within a short period, we identified several suitable options for him to choose from. This saved Mahesh valuable time and alleviated the anxiety of searching for a place to live. Mahesh got a long-term apartment right upon arrival and this saved a lot of extra expenses from him and NextLink’s client.

  1. Cultural Integration and Orientation

Understanding the local culture and way of life is crucial for a successful relocation. We provided to Mahesh cultural orientation sessions that covered Finnish customs, etiquette, and everyday life. This helped him feel more confident and prepared for the cultural adjustment he would experience in Finland.

  1. Settling-In Services

Once Mahesh arrived in Finland, we continued to support him. At NextLink we offer 2 moths support through which it is easier for the person to settle to new environment. We also assisted Mahesh with opening a bank account, registering with local authorities, and connecting utilities, ensuring a smooth transition into his new life.

Results of Mahesh’s Relocation to Finland

For the NextLink’s client, the decision to use NextLink’s services to relocate Mahesh from India to Finland proved to be a wise one. His relocation to Finland was remarkably smooth, thanks to NextLink’s expertise and dedication. Here are the key outcomes:

  1. Timely Relocation: Mahesh was able to start his new job in Finland without any delays, thanks to NextLink’s efficient Residence Permit and D Visa processing support.
  2. Hassle-Free Housing: Mahesh found a comfortable and well-suited apartment quickly, with NextLink’s help.
  3. Smooth Cultural Transition: With the knowledge gained through cultural orientation sessions, Mahesh adapted to Finnish culture smoothly and began a life in a new country.
  4. Ongoing Support: NextLink continued to provide support even after Mahesh had settled in Finland, ensuring his ongoing comfort and integration.

What Mahesh felt about overall process?

“I would love to recommend NextLink for relocation. NextLink proven to be a trustworthy service throughout my relocation process from the very beginning of the procedure to the moment I settled into Finland. These guys are so friendly, I might say they are your friends in Finland at every step. Team provided me City tour as well to make me comfortable and I can never forget this experience ever”.


Mahesh’s successful relocation to Finland was made possible by NextLink’s comprehensive relocation services. Our guidance, from Residence Permit processing to housing search and cultural orientation, enabled Mahesh to transition seamlessly into his new life and career in Finland.

If you are considering relocating new employees to Finland and want to create a stress-free experience them like Mahesh’s, consider partnering with a trusted relocation service provider like us. Our tailored services can make your new employees’ relocation a smooth and enjoyable experience, allowing you to focus on your work without stressing about your new employee’s relocation.

Final words from Mahesh:

“The support I received from the relocation team of NextLink was outstanding. They went above and beyond to ensure that I felt welcome and settled in my new surroundings. Their assistance with finding suitable accommodation, providing information about the area made the transition much easier and less overwhelming”.