Global IT Recruitment

Is it time to find your next link?

– Recruitment and Relocation services under one roof!

Finding the talent you are looking for

NextLink Global IT recruitment service is effective and easy for our clients. The client tells what kind of IT professional they need and NextLink makes a desired person available on a very fast schedule. Whether you are looking for experienced Software Developer, Software Architect, Cloud Engineer or any IT professional, we are happy to help you find the next link for your organization.

Technical knowledge, skills and experience are not always everything. We carefully screen the backgrounds and skills of all the people we introduce, as a result we will only introduce IT professionals, who really want to join your organization and move to Finland.

How our IT Recruitment process works?

Overall process 21 days – 2 months

1. Kick-off meeting

We will go through the recruitment process and agree about schedule.

2. NextLink's network and Talent pool

Our extensive global network helps us to find the right talent. Currently, we have resources in India, Middle East and Europe. We have great resources in each country of origin / region to help confirm candidates’ backgrounds and skills.

Due to our global resources, we are able to introduce potential candidates to our clients within 1-14 days after the client’s brief.

3. The Process

After candidates are introduced to our client we recommend the following process:

  1. Coding test
  2. Interview(s)
  3. Offer

Relocation Services always included - without breaking the bank

In International Recruitment, recruitment is only the first step. You might find the world’s best talent on the other side of the world, but then the question arises, how do you get that talent to Finland? This is the main reason why we always offer Relocation Services as part of recruitment, we make life as easy as possible for the talent and our client.

On the other hand, in terms of cost, this is also a great solution as you get everything in one package. Normally, when working with other companies, you may pay more than €10,000 / recruitment and after that you look for a partner that implements relocation services and add those costs. In the worst case, the hiring company do not implement relocation services at all, in which case the candidate experience suffers and the employment may not start at all.

Offering relocation services also gives a significantly better image of the employer. This also increases peace of mind for the talent, as the talent and the talent’s family are taken care of from the beginning to the end of the process.

Contact us!

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