About us

Making the difference – We are not here to reinvent the wheel, but we are here to make it more efficient.

NextLink was founded to respond to a growing problem in several countries, especially in Finland

The population is aging, and skilled labor is constantly needed more and more, but especially in the IT sector, the labor shortage cannot be filled with domestic labor.

NextLink offers a solution for this with global IT recruitment and Relocation services.

NextLink specializes in bringing foreign experts to Finland. Due to our unique global network, NextLink can find qualified IT experts for your company with an exceptionally quickly and cost effectively.


We want to open the doors to build international teams.


Our vision is to become the most effective, trusted and flexible partner in the Nordic region.


Work Ethic

Our passion to fulfill NextLinks purpose drives us forward and makes us work harder every day. We want to be an efficient, quick and high-quality service producing company.


In our business, trust is the basis of everything. Being trusted means making the right things and choices. Trust is a core value that we want people to think of when NextLink is mentioned.


Our work is only finished when the client and the talent are satisfied. This is our goal in every case, and this will always be achieved through efficient cooperation.


We are very result-oriented people, and this is reflected in our everyday work. We want to produce the best quality as quickly as possible.

Some companies working with us: