Streamlining Relocation to Finland: A Comparison of Relocation from EU Countries and from Non-EU countries to Finland

Relocating has become a growing phenomenon also in Finland. More and more IT companies have begun to recruit employees from abroad in order to create world class solutions and to answer market demands. We at NextLink are specialized in facilitating seamless transitions for individuals and families moving to Finland. We are serving IT companies who recruit and relocate employees around the world to Finland. In this case study, we will compare NextLink’s relocation services for two distinct groups: individuals relocating from EU countries to Finland and those relocating from outside of the EU to Finland. We will hear comments from Marcin and Mareike who relocated to Finland from Switzerland and from Mahesh who relocated to Finland from India.

Relocation to Finland: an overview

Finland has consistently ranked high in terms of quality of life, education, healthcare, and overall well-being. As a result, it attracts a diverse pool of individuals from around the world who are eager to make it their new home. After implementing several relocations NextLink has recognized the unique similarities and differences associated with relocating to Finland from EU country and Non-EU country.

Relocation from EU countries to Finland

Moving to Finland from an EU country comes with certain advantages due to the European Union’s free movement of people and goods. NextLink leverages these advantages to provide a smoother transition for EU citizens.

  1. Visa and Work Permit Assistance: EU citizens enjoy the privilege of visa-free entry to Finland. However, they still need to register their residence if staying longer than three months. NextLink assists client’s relocating employees in navigating the registration process. In this process it is important to have right documents and do paperwork in certain order in order that the process is smooth and avoid delays.
  2. Housing Solutions: NextLink understands the importance of finding suitable housing quickly. This is one of the challenging matters even the person is relocating from EU country. There are a lot of different websites from where apartments can be screened, however, there are still matters where local help is valuable for relocating the person.

Here are Marcin and Mareike’s thoughts about finding a suitable apartment in Finland:

“Finding apartment seems easy as there are many available on rental websites even in English, BUT It is close to impossible to rent those without having help from the locals. This is because as foreigner you have no strong identification and you won’t be able apply for those apartments even when option to apply without identification is available there is almost 100% you will not be selected”. – For this reason it is really valuable that NextLink has good connections in Finnish housing market and is able to arrange long-term apartment right upon arrival to Finland.

  1. Bureaucratic matters: Although EU citizens may have an easier time adapting to Finland, they still need to go through same bureaucratic matters to get Personal ID, Tax Card, Bank account and registration to Kela. For this reason it is important that there is a helping hand, as if these things are done in wrong order a lot of time will be wasted and it is challenging to start life in Finland.  

Relocation from Non-EU countries

Relocating to Finland from outside of the EU countries a unique set of challenges, including Residence Permit applications, bureaucratic matters, apartment issues and cultural adjustments. Our expertise shines when assisting individuals from non-EU countries.

  1. Visa and Residence Permit Support: Non-EU citizens need a residence permit to live and work in Finland. NextLink offers comprehensive support, including guidance on residence permit and visa applications and assistance in obtaining residence permits.
  2. Immigration Compliance: Staying compliant with Finnish immigration laws is crucial. NextLink keeps constantly updated and informed about the latest immigration regulations and ensures that all developments are noted.
  3. Housing Solutions: Finding suitable housing can be more complex for non-EU citizens. NextLink offers a range of services, such as finding an apartment and lease negotiation, to make this process smoother.
  4. Education for Families: Families relocating from non-EU countries often have children who need access to education daycare. NextLink provides information about schools, assists with enrolment, and offers support for families navigating the Finnish education system. NextLink also helps specialists’ spouses in job hunting.
  5. Cultural Integration: The cultural divide between non-EU countries and Finland can be significant. NextLink offers intensive cultural integration and 2 months support after arrival to help individuals and families adapt to their new surroundings.

Mahesh’s thoughts about NextLink’s relocation services:

“I would love to recommend NextLink for relocation. NextLink proven to be a trustworthy service throughout my relocation process from the very beginning of the procedure to the moment I settled into Finland.”


In conclusion, NextLink’s relocation services are designed to answer to the specific needs of individuals and families moving to Finland, whether they are coming from EU countries or from outside of the EU. While EU citizens benefit from certain advantages related to free movement, non-EU citizens face a more complex process that requires expertise and experience. NextLink’s commitment to excellence ensures that all clients, regardless of their origin, receive the support they need to make a successful transition to life in Finland.

If you are considering relocating employees to Finland, NextLink stands ready to assist your company and your employees’ every step of the way. Our comprehensive services, expert knowledge, and dedication to client satisfaction make us the ideal partner for a smooth and successful relocation experience.

Final comments from Marcin and Mareike:

“Very nice and approachable guys, that will help with any question or problem that you might have. During whole relocation we felt safe and well taken care of. Christmas tree/5.”

Final comments from Mahesh:

“These guys are so friendly, I might say they are your friends in Finland at every step. Team provided me City tour as well to make me comfortable and i can never forget this experience ever. Moving is never simple, but I must admit that with the aid of NextLink moving services, the process went much more smoothly. NextLink crew handled every part of the transfer with outstanding quickness and knowledge from beginning to end, creating a process that was absolutely seamless.”