Relocation Services

We want to make moving to Finland as effortless and memorable as possible. Therefore, we offer relocation services that make it comfortable for talents and their families to move to Finland.

Creating memorable relocation experiences

Relocating to a new country is one of the biggest things in life and we want to be a part of that by helping in this process. NextLink offers comprehensive relocation services in Finland. We help with permit matters in the country of origin and in Finland. In addition to permit services, we offer several other services related to common issues in relocation to Finland.

In Finland, we make people lives as easy as possible, e.g. we help to find an apartment, open a bank account, schools for kids, find hobbies, etc. Finding an apartment can be one of the most challenging things when moving to a new country. Because of this, our Finland’s relocation services include arranging an apartment for people as soon as they arrive in the country. If wanted, the apartments we arrange are also already furnished, which makes it easier for people to move to a new country.

We want to help all people who are coming to the country to integrate into the culture, therefore, we also offer consulting from people with the same ethnic backgrounds who have lived in Finland for several years.

Our model - All in one package!

1. Country of origin

  • Relocation consultation for the talent and the company
  • Cultural guidance about Finland
  • Presentation and selection of the apartment

2. Entry

  • Residence permit and D-visa
  • Flight details

3. Actions in Finland

  • Airport pick-up
  • Personal ID, tax card and bank account
  • Integration into society, e.g. help to build local networks
  • Schools, kindergarten and spouse’s career guidance
  • Special wishes (e.g. hobbies)
  • NextLink’s support for 2 months!

We offer comprehensive relocation services in Finland to make integration into the new country and culture as successful as possible. We have divided the relocation into three parts, the success of each part is critical for a great relocation experience. We offer all this in one package, but we can also customize the package according to your needs!

What relocated people say about us?

Specialist to Finland in 2 weeks, thanks D-visa!

In June 2022, Finland introduced the D-visa, which enables a specialist from outside Europe to enter the country within two weeks. At fastest, NextLink has completed the D-visa process in 2 working days, which means the specialist has received an entry permit within 2 working days from starting the process!

Relocation Services in Finland - Finding an apartment

Finding an apartment is one of the turning points in relocation. NextLink always takes the employee’s needs into account when arranging the apartment, whether it is a long-term or short-term apartment. We are able to arrange both furnished and unfurnished apartments based on the wishes. We coordinate the apartment to be ready for moving when the employee arrives in Finland. Due to this fact, the client or employee does not have to pay for staying in a hotel, which would significantly increase the costs of the relocation.

Arranging the apartment normally covers the following steps:

We also always help the employee with everything else needed. Every relocation process is unique, that is why we approach each case in detail so that the employee gets the best possible relocation experience.

Personalized service and real caring

When a person arrives in a new country, the first two months are critical. The organization must be able to integrate an international talent and make the talent feel at home. However, matters outside the workplace are also emphasized a lot in terms of integration during the first two months. Therefore, at NextLink, we offers 2 months support for talents when they arrive in Finland. During this time, we are available 24/7 and guide them in their daily life.


If the employee is a citizen of the European Union, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, the process is very fast. The employee can arrive in Finland immediately, after which the employee must be registered as a resident in Finland. If the employee arrives from outside of the Europe, the process is also fast. In 2022, Finland introduced the D-visa, which enables an IT specialist to obtain a residence permit in 14 days. Length of first residence permit is normally 2 years.

Yes, the employee’s family can apply for visa and residence permit at the same time as the employee. NextLink helps with all visa and residence permit applications, as well as with matters that take place in Finland. We help children to get a place at school and spouse to find a job.

No, thanks to our networks, we can arrange the desired apartment without the employee immediately having a Finnish personal id.

When an employee arrives in Finland, the first two months are critical. During this time, the employee can experience a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges in a new environment. NextLink provides 2 months support for the employee, which purpose is to help the employee get to grips with life in a new country. We help with daily life and we are constantly available if the employee has any questions or issues. We create a safety net for the employee and make the employee feel welcome, allowing the employee to focus 100% on the new job.

In international recruitment, relocation plays a key role. By offering comprehensive relocation services, the company shows appreciation for the new employee. This also has a positive effect on employee branding and makes the company an attractive option for international talents. With the help of a reliable partner, the company also does not have to stress about the challenges of relocations. A reliable partner also helps the company to save working hours, allowing the company to focus on other essential daily matters.

The prices of relocation services and the contents of the services vary a lot in the market. Some of the service providers ask around €2,000 just for looking for an apartment, and some ask closer to €10,000 for the entire relocation package. However, we at NextLink have wanted to create one of the most comprehensive relocation packages on the market, while maintaining a moderate price level so that companies can truly build international teams without breaking the bank. If you want to hear more about our pricing, press Contact us and we will talk more!

Ask us about the Relocation Services

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